Faireoui's Yves recently spoke with Heezy Klovaday, inventor of the NAPP, to talk about his plan to launch a sophisticated piece of PaaS he's calling the fairenapp platform. In this article Klovaday explains how "NAPPing" can help improve focus and creativity for people who are willing to commit a little bit of self-reflection.

Yves: Could you please start by explaining what a NAPP is?

Klovaday: NAPP stands for Neural Auditory Programming Program. It is another name for the collection of auditory content that each human individual will consume on a given day. Its sibling is NVPP which stands for Neural Visual Programming Program.

A NAPP is essentially the VR audio component of an individual, and NVPP the video component.

Yves: So a NAPP is what each person consumes via sound waves each day?

Klovaday: Yes, a NAPP is composed of identifiable sounds that have a source; like the songs Spotify is pushing you when your playlist runs through. In the case of AI-Driven audio special concern should be taken because it's mostly noise lacking personal meaning.

Yves: So why go around naming things?

Klovaday: Well, that's what God told Adam to do in the Bible.

Yves: Could you please explain the fairenapp project to me?

Klovaday: The fairenapp project is a platform that allows users to create and plan a custom NAPP.

The emerging idea is that I want the user to be able to orchestrate and export the audio that will be played during the various breaks and activity periods of a typical 30-minute pomodoro schedule using `youtube-dl` and file upload mechanics. The output audio file will be capable of upload to SoundCloud.

Yves: How far are you in the development process?

Klovaday: I've made some crude NAPPS in Adobe Audition which works well, but it's difficult to stay organized when switching content and has a steep learning curve. Adobe Audition's free alternative is Audacity.

Right now I've been busy researching some programmatic proof of concepts and refining requirements.

Yves: What has been your experience with planning your audio digest so far?

Klovaday: I've been enjoying silence more often then not and perk up when I get to listen to something that a friend recommends to me to listen to or a lecture from an author that I found on YouTube. It certainly has helped me stay true to the resetting pattern of the pomodoro schedule.

a screenshot of Adobe Audition showing a NAPP